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Gevorg Marzpetuni Needed

Siranush Papyan,

Residents near Sevan Region Villages – Chkalovka, Norashen, and Tsovagyugh, don’t consider Sevan as their any longer; they say Sevan belongs to Armenian Presidents’ retinue.

Mr. Rubik remembers that in 2008 as soon as Serzh Sargsyan became the President, intensive construction was launched on the shore of Tsovagyugh Village on the area of 5000 square meters. Alik Sargsyan also got a land area for site development, though a little bit smaller – only 1000 square meters. “Sevan is occupied and a new Gevorg Marzpetuni is needed to return the occupied territories,” said Mr. Vardan. As a matter of fact, the site development on Sevan shores launched from Kocharyan’s reign has been in progress so far.

Posted by: Ruben Nalbandian | July 9, 2011

No Fishing in Sevan

There is no fishing in Sevan in the past two months. This is what already ex fishermen confessed about in their interview with us, and they have already gathered all their fishing rods and left Sevan shore as there is no fish to hunt for. All this have resulted in drastic increase in fish price, if in the past the price of 250-gram fish was 500 AMD, now it’s hard to find the same fish for 1000 AMD. According to the fishermen, the reason for no fish is the absence of actual control, as nobody can prove how much spawn have been let out.

By Gohar Abrahamyan
ArmeniaNow intern

It has now been nearly a week that two public, or free-of-charge, beaches have operated at Lake Sevan. A large number of holidaymakers have already spent the rest there.

Still in April, the government made a decision about the organization of public beaches in the “Sevan” National Park recreational area, for which purpose 1.39 and 1.82 hectares of land, respectively, had been allotted, as well as nearly 66 million drams (about $180,000) in funding.

“No private beach has such amenities and opportunities as these beaches have. At the moment, free parking, children’s and sports playgrounds, toilets, health units and rescue services are available. Also, beach benches are installed,” said Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Environment Ashot Avalyan, who coordinates public beaches. He added that the area is overseen by police and no alcoholic beverages are sold besides beer.

One of the beaches can accommodate for 1,200-1,300 people, the other for 600-700 people, and the purity of water is ensured by a universal excavator, worth 603,000 euros, that was brought from Finland last year for the purpose of maintaining cleanness at the Sevan.

In addition to the public beaches created with state budget funding, three other public beaches are set up in Shorzha, Vardenis and near the village of Chkalovka.

The program will be continued and it is expected that the number and ‘geography’ of public beaches will be expanded.

“About 60 areas have been separated for the organization of public beaches in the future, and gradually we should try to increase the number of public beaches by two or three,” said Avalyan.

A hotline has been opened at the Ministry of Environment with the following phone numbers: 010 51-91-82 and 077 26-70-44.

Posted by: Ruben Nalbandian | July 9, 2011

19 rescue stations operating on Sevan beaches

July 8, 2011 – 15:17 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – About 19 rescue stations with 37 lifesavers are operating on the beaches of Lake Sevan, according to commander of special rescue department of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“These stations work all day long. On two new public beaches on the peninsula and in the area adjacent to Sevan city beach the service works even in stricter regime,” Samvel Mkrtchyan told a press conference in Yerevan.

The commander said that no accidents have been recorded during this beach season on Lake Sevan noting that during the same period last year 5 accidents were fixed.

He also stressed that Armenian rescuers were re-trained and have all necessary equipment.

Touching upon rescuers’ salary, Mkrtchyan noted that on the average they earn AMD 65 000 – 70 000.

Posted by: Ruben Nalbandian | July 9, 2011

South Caucasus Railways to open new platform

YEREVAN, July 8. / ARKA /.The Russian-run South Caucasus Railways Company operating Armenia’s railroads said today it will open July 15 a new platform in Yerevan Kanaker-Zeytoon administrative district near the Almast plant.

The company said in a press release that its workers had cleared the railway platform, the path leading from Almast factory to the station and surrounding area from domestic and other debris.

“Movement of trains in the direction of Lake Sevan from the new platform will begin July 15. Currently, the construction of the platform and the restoration of the railway infrastructure located near the Yerevan plant Almast are nearing completion,” it said.

Movement of trains on this section was closed in 2006, but has been restored at the request of the district’s residents. Operation of Almast station will allow residents of this part of Yerevan to get to Lake Sevan during the summer months at affordable price. Ticket will cost around 500-700 drams.

The South Caucasus Railways is run by Russian Railways. The concessional agreement was concluded in 2008 for 30 years, with a right of extension for another 20 years after the first 20 years of operation

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Sevan Problems Conditioned by Corruption

The civic initiative aimed at abolishing corruption risks in Armenia held a discussion about Lake Sevan problem on June 16. “Sevan’s value is about 10 billion and it can bring 2 billion AMD in the form of GDP, but now the GDP of Sevan doesn’t exceed 100,000 million AMD,” said Andreas Ghukasyan and this failure is the result of ineffective management, and embezzlements of 1 billion AMD witness about this.

Sevan Naational Park Authir Gagik Sukhudyan considers the current situation of Sevan to be worrying and said, “Now we don’t have a national park, but a territory divided to land areas owned by top officials who don’t want to dismantle their constructions on the leased territories.”

Regional Treasure is Sevan, not Oil

“We have three serious seismic problems in the regions, out of which Sevan is the most serious,” said Mande Hakobyan, PhD in physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, “At present Sevan is facing not only waterlogging, but also it poses serious seismic danger.”

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Sevan public beaches can already receive visitors


The Armenian deputy prime minister, minister of territorial administration Armen Gevorgyan during the visit to the Gegharkunik Province on June 15 by the accompany of the regional governor N. Poghosyan and  the director of ”Sevan National Park” POAK got acquainted with the equipment and improvement works of the public beaches  in the coastal parts of Lake Sevan. The poeple responsible for the beaches ensured that they could already receive visitors if necessary.

”The Armenian water and sewage” company is going to build drainage cleaning stations in the basin of Sevan.

Filtering stations will be installed in Gavar, Martuni, Vardenis and will essentially contribute to the cleanness of the water of Sevan. Those stations are most likely to be ready already in the middle of the next year.

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Sevan Cleaned from Flooded Forests and Buildings


The level of Sevan continues rising in the first ten days in June. 283 ha of forest territories are subject to cleaning by using 122 million AMD assigned by the Armenian Government.

As of today, the lake is 1900,42 meters above sea level, which is approximately the same as the figure recorded in January 1962.

At present 323 buildings have been dismantled out of 528 movable and immovable buildings, while 195 buildings are still standing. 10 buildings are in the process of dismantling.

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Young Trout Fish To Be Let out into Lake

In November of the current year Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia will let out into Lake Sevan 166,700 trout young fish and 200,000 summer trout young fish.

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